“United Industries was established in 1972 by its founder Mr. Muhammad Saleem. Since then the company was engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Textile Made-ups (Towels, Bath Robes, Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Curtains and Denim Garments.). It has been a very successful venture in terms of sales and profit, as figures depict it is progressing every year. The founder of the company Mr. Muhammad Saleem expired in 1992 and since then the company is being managed by his three sons.”



“UNITED INDUSTRIES is currently being managed by Mr. Mohammed Asghar Khan, Mr. Mohammad Aslam, Mr. Mohammed Habib and Mrs. Shehla Razzak.

Mr. Mohammed Asghar Khan, apart from keeping the high quality standards of existing products and the success achieved in textile market, has made the innovative UNITED INDUSTRIES progress with faster pace then expected.”



“Introduction of new products, expansion, modernization and automation has kept pace with the ever-increasing demands of conventional Textile Made-Ups. Now UNITED INDUSTRIES have the highest production capacity in Pakistan. Adhering to the internationally accepted standards of quality the process right from processing to weighing and counting is fully automatic and 100% hygienic.”

Sucess Story

“A humble beginning aimed at producing quality products supported by assets like devotion, dedication and hard work, for Late Mr. Muhammad Saleem, who had 40 years experience in Textile Engineering and trading of certain textile made ups was totally a new venture. ”

“Entering consumer products markets was an absolutely new experience for him. Through sheer hard work and fair dealings in business, the company overcame many hurdles, forged ahead with steady pace and its marked as the producer of Textile Made-ups. In the year of 1986 Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan completed his studies and joined hands with his father. He received rigorous on-the-job training in all the fields of textile made ups under the strict supervision of his experienced father. With experience, Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan emerged as an expert in all technical function of textile made-ups manufacturing.
After acquiring necessary expertise, he embarked upon realization of his expansion plans through induction of modern machinery. Inspired by the deep study of innovations made in Europe, he installed fast production modern machines. He added new products in the range, exercised more vigil over quality control and transformed a small beginning into a big venture. ”



“At present, we have two latest and full-fledged factories equipped with latest state of the art machinery of Textile made-ups at Karachi to manufacture Bed sheets and pillow covers of any specification right from processing to finishing.
After the procedure of processing, our professional workers with long standing experience and expertise, manufacture the most attractive textile made-ups with their superior hands on our own stitching unit.
Our present range of products are being distributed by our distributor, our present distribution system is working quite effective. However, it can be further expanded and/or reorganized keeping in view the requirements of marketing of Textile Made-ups in near future. ”



“As part of our marketing strategy, we market our products to all over the world. Thus we have about 10 distributors throughout the world. However, we are also having institutional business and our clients include hotels and hospitals.

Our annual sales turnover for last Five years is has been increasing every year and our growth level is 30 % yearly. We are trying to increase the rate by exploring new markets of Europe, South America and the Middle East.
By the year 2005, when the quota restrictions will be removed, we are foreseeing a dramatic increase in our sales as by then we will be an established as one of the leading textile Exporting firm from Pakistan.
It is evident from the above figures that our sales are increasing every year. Effective marketing policies, consistent quality and large products range made a good name in the market. ”