United Industries was established in 1972 by its founder Mr. Muhammad Saleem. Since then the company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Textile Made-ups (Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Curtains and Towels, etc.). It has been a very successful venture in terms of sales and profit, as figures depict it is progressing every year. The founder of the company Mr. Muhammad Saleem expired in 1992 and since then the company is being managed by his three sons. 
Mr. Mohammad Asghar khan

UNITED INDUSTRIES is currently being managed by Mr. Mohammed Asghar Khan, Mr. Mohammad Aslam, Mr. Mohammed Habib and Mrs. Shehla Razzak.

Mr. Mohammed Asghar Khan, apart from keeping the high quality standards of existing products and the success achieved in textile market, has made the innovative UNITED INDUSTRIES progress with faster pace then expected.

Introduction of new products, expansion, modernization and automation has kept pace with the ever-increasing demands of conventional Textile Made-Ups. Now UNITED INDUSTRIES have the highest production capacity in Pakistan. Adhering to the internationally accepted standards of quality the process right from processing to weighing and counting is fully automatic and 100% hygienic.

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